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CODOTBIZ is a business funding program designed by Codot Business Support & Empowerment LTD using multi-level marketing strategy to help members of the public achieve their business dreams. Having discovered the difficulties in raising STARTUP FUND for a new business or financing EXISTING BUSINESS through financial institutions which has killed so many business dreams.

This networking program is good for everyone who desire to STARTUP a dream business or need funding to finance EXISTING business.

Without being INDEBTED to anybody or any financial institution, CODOTBIZ is the perfect Networking platform for STARTUP to quickly raise STARTUP capital to start their dream business or for existing business owners to raise fund to finance their businesses. With just N2,000 non-refundable registration fee. You will enjoy the benefits below.


  1. Provision of business e-book that contain businesses you can do with little capital
  2. Earning of RESIDUAL INCOME
  3. Earn Start-up BUSINESS FUND
  4. Business (SME) loan
  5. Business promotion & marketing
  6. E-commerce service
  7. Gift Items
  8. Business management Online Trainings


  1. RIGISTER with just N2, 000 to become a member
  2. INTRODUCE at least 2 persons to JOIN the network (This will qualify you for a business e-book containing businesses you can run with little or No CAPITAL)
  3. EDUCATE the 2people you introduced to take STEP 2 above.
CONGRATULATIONS, you are now eligible to EARN as you advance on the platform. You will be entitled to get BUSINESS FUND from GOLD stage to RUBY stage as stated on our BUSINESS FUNDING (COMPENSATION) PLAN

For more details about how to access our other services. Please call +2348039175995


  1. To eradicate poverty and unemployment through business empowerment.
  2. To encourage people to be self-reliant and to provide means to access professional artisan and business skills.


  1. To use multi-level marketing strategies to raise professional entrepreneurs
  2. To use our well-coordinated trainings to arouse the entrepreneurial spirit in our members
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